AT&T Central Offices
Houston, TX

Nearly 150 central offices located throughout the Houston area handle AT&Tís voice and data traffic for southeast Texas. To provide reliable, uninterrupted telephone service, these facilities utilize fully redundant air-conditioning systems to cool the large internal loads generated by the transmission and switching equipment.

ATI has provided MEP design for four (4) central office air-conditioning plants, including construction of over 1,000 tons of chilled water systems. Chillers are installed in a lead/stand-by configuration, and are typically connected to emergency power to minimize downtime. Redundant pumps are piped to allow flow to either chiller; sophisticated control systems monitor and operate chillers and pumps to equalize runtime.

The scope for these projects included new air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, cooling towers, pumps, piping, temperature controls, and emergency power supporting these systems.

Other Central Plant Projects...